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Choosing A Text Editor

In choosing a text editor, I really wasn’t sure what the best rout was so I took a look at textmate and, textmate cost money and brackets was free. In the end I went with Brackets because it’s open-source and it allows you to see changes to your html instantaneously by giving you the ability to push html edits to your browser without saving or reloading the page. When I first tried Brackets I couldn’t believe how easy it was. I’m excited to use it more and see what its advantages and limitations are versus other text editors.

Html by Hand

HTML Hand Writing Challenge

Html by Hand

I did the html hand writing challange over a 30 minute period. I wrote out the html 5 times before I got it perfectly on the sixth try. The html handwriting task was important because it forced you to understand the proper order of the different tags and how they fit together. In the end this was a very useful task and helped me understand the layout of html.

P2PU – Why I’m embarking on Webmaking 101

My reasons for embarking on Webmaking 101 are many fold but as that is to bland I’ve made a list below for why I’m beginning this journey:

1) Independence – I am a CEO of a startup that utilizes the web and blogs for every part of my business. I feel that for me to truly move forwards in my role I need to have a true handle on all aspects of my business and that includes understanding what I’m asking others to do.

2) Creativity – I think it will be really cool when I can take the ideas I have in my head and learn to implement them myself or with a team.

3) Expansion – I want to expand my intellectual horizons, with the changes going on in this world and the continuing emergence of machines – I want to be able to interact with the future and not be left behind by it.